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A coaching platform to bring out the best in every athlete...

The Leborne Experience

We believe in combining passion and purpose. And when it comes to building a healthy endurance sport community, we center our efforts around each athlete's personal goals. Our four symbols define who we are, and who we hope to encourage you to be in your athletic pursuits:


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Our Services

Training Plans, Clinics, Lessons, Testing, Adventuring

Be sure to check out our services and the leborne kickr studio in the navigation menu!  Our Fall/Winter focus this year will be gravel grinders and quality work in the studio, while the spring and summer we transition more to pavement. Whatever it is you're into...find it here. 


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Endurance Sports

We are honored when athletes from various disciplines choose Leborne. we coach a full spectrum of endurance sports, from criterium racers to marathon runners; cyclocross to Ironman triathlon. Below are highlighted athletes we've coached, and a few reviews of their experience.  


danielle dingman, pro triathlete

“After working with Scotti and Ernie for several years, I’ve realized one overarching theme: they care. They care enough to create balance with life and sport, to push you to find your limits in training, to allow rest when needed, and to help you find your personal motivation and confidence to keep going. Scotti and Ernie keep the big picture because they care about your long-term success.”



brent findlay, cyclocross/gravel racer

"Personalized, structured training schedules and constant feedback on the quality of the effort, has taken my cycling to a level that I previously thought was unattainable.  Leborne's holistic approach to training has given me the fitness to achieve my goals, and with that, a higher level of success."


caro laviguour, all discipline cylist



Where will we go next? Stay in tune for leborne travel and cycling camps...coming soon