Cruelty Thy Name is FTP Test || Review of the 4DP

Ask me in the moment what I think of the Sufferfest 4DP Power Profile test, and I’ll tell you I never want to do it again!

But ask me after I’ve recovered and am breathing oxygen…and I’ll tell you it’s the most valuable test to come our way…more so than a standard FTP test or Critical Power test.


Let’s begin with the protocol.

Warm up 10-15 min easy

Then 2x7 second ALL OUT springs (we take the 5 second best average) with rest between and after.

5 minutes ALL OUT.


20 minutes ALL OUT.


1 min ALL OUT.

Cool down.


As you can see, this is a lot of ALL OUT. You will feel depleted when you’re done.

But here’s why we love this test:

  • standard 20 min FTP tests are really an estimate of what you can do for a whole hour. You do a 20 minute effort, then calculate 95% of that number to set your FTP. By the time you do the 20 minute test in this 4DP progression, you’ll already have completed 2 max effort sprints and an all-out 5 min effort. (Ouch) You’re a little fatigued! And in this sense, this 20 minute value is really a more accurate assessment of what an athlete’s true FTP ability is - and it will make for better zone setting.

  • this gives us a picture of the rider’s ability at multiple durations. Maybe you’re a sprinter. Maybe your endurance shines. This test shows that. It is evident in the results what type of ability the rider has, what the endurance fatigue profile is like, and where they may be best-suited for racing. A standard 20 minute FTP test doesn’t give you that info.

  • this test requires you to take one step at a time mentally. If you start this test already thinking about how much the 20 minute effort is going to suck, you won’t give the 5 min effort your best. We encourage our athletes to block out the remainder of the test and focus on one effort at a time. And isn’t that the best strategy for racing, as well? Why think about the finale (which you can’t control yet) when there is a whole middle section of the race yet to unfold. Be in the moment.


Why Test with Leborne?

We believe we can help you pull the best out of yourself.

Testing with a coach on-site helps with mentality. We’ll walk you through controlling the effort, push you when you start to fatigue, and help you hit the reset button when it’s time to start the next segment. Then we’ll help you analyze the results when you’re finished.

Testing fee for the 4DP: $75 It takes about 90 minutes from the time you arrive to when you’re finished.

Perfect for any racer or enthusiast athlete looking to gain strength on the bike. Power numbers give you accurate, trackable data to measure growth. Let us help you get stronger and more efficient on the bike this year!

To schedule a test with us, email

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