We Came, We Jingled, We Froze || Christmas in Hollis


Let’s begin with: Weather app, you are a big fat liar!  


Christmas in Hollis in mid-December was expected to start chilly, but the sun was predicted to come out around 11am. With a 10am start time, we all dressed accordingly, planning to disrobe as we warmed up.  Instead, as we continued our ride, mist gathered on the hilltops and saturated the forest with a damp cloud that penetrated our clothes…and our bones! 


It was a very cold day.  The group was a little more splintered than usual. We had more flats than usual, as well, and with one follow car, some chose to ride on to stay warm while others stayed to help with repairs. And we lost a rider!

One of our guys took a wrong turn (easy to do) and when we got to Hollis Country Store, none of us had cell phone signals to reach him. A ride forecasted to take 4 hours ended up taking 6 due to us riding back and forth gathering up the troops. 

Turns out Matt found his way back to his car with no stress and even waited there until our return (I think he was waiting for the Bourbon hot chocolate). 


Despite the cold conditions, this assemble kept in amazing spirit. That’s what we love about this dirt squad!

To check out our Hollis route, visit our Natural State Rock & Republic page on Strava

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