Our Vision || 2019

photo - Rett Peek

photo - Rett Peek


to impact people with the transformative experience of cycling

Cycling changes lives. Being on a bike allows you to explore far-reached places — not only in your physical body but also in your mind.

We say that firsthand as two people who found each other — and ourselves — through the sport of cycling. Between the two of us, we have overcome cancer, traveled and experienced different cultures, brought twin sons into the world, and have lived as a family on a shoestring budget, full-time in an RV. There’s a lot of stories that led up to this one. Pain, love, hunger, desire, understanding, adventure, discovery.

We aim to captivate the imagination of others by painting a future of where the bike can lead you. Life doesn’t have to be perfect, and you don’t have to be an elite athlete, to experience transformative change through cycling. But to impact change, you must say YES to activities outside of your comfort zone, and the bicycle becomes a means to confronting the things in life that are uncomfortable.

We are athletes and story-tellers. Our cycling journey — whether it’s coaching clients or training ourselves for the hardest endurance race on the planet — has the power to affect real, transformative change. 

We share what we learn as we go and seek to make real connections with like-minded people and brands who represent our desire to pursue an experience-rich life.



the Silk Road Mountain Race??

We got into the Silk Road Mountain Race for 2019, having applied last year with fingers crossed, and a “We probably won’t get in.” …and we did. 1670km self-supported on a two bicycles. 15 mountain passes. Up to 14,000ft of elevation. Kyrgyzstan.

People ask us WHY…why this race? Why now? We already road race, mountain bike race, gravel race, coach, instruct indoor cycling classes, and more.


to toughen the fuck up. 

“I ride a bike because it changes my life. 

But it wasn’t always that way.

I picked up cycling when I was 27 years old. Fast forward 9 years and two kids later, I’d accumulated 6 years of international pro racing experience, had several UCI race wins, and plenty of opportunity still in front of me. 


Yet there was an aspect of the sport that continued overwhelming me: mental toughness. 

Dating back to a lower back injury in my teenage years, over time I’d developed a bad relationship with suffering and pain. In 2018, I stepped back from the competitive side of the sport. I had allowed it to become a routine of pressure and performance, and in turn had created a false-sense of the cycling experience.  

So the question became: Why do I ride a bike?

  • I ride a bike to fortify myself

  • I ride a bike to remind myself that suffering teaches us the most about how to enjoy life and be grateful when things aren’t perfect.

  • I ride a bike to inspire others to explore the world, challenge their weaknesses, transcend their limits, and transform their lives. 

The very first picture I saw of SRMR on Instagram showed a lone cyclist on rugged landscape, skin dirty and crackly, pushing a bike up an unrideable hill.  It was raw and pure. It called to me.

I felt this was a chance to figure out the art of building mental toughness and define WHY I RIDE. It was something completely out of my comfort zone, and that’s exactly where I want to be this year. 

Does entering the SRMR define me? No. But I believe it found me at just the right time to transform my own life and the lives of all who share in this journey.” — Scotti 

Please follow along with us this year as we expand our boundaries to and beyond Kyrgyzstan!

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