Choose Mountains

What are your goals and dreams worth to you? 

How much are you willing to push, ask for help, be uncomfortable, ride the edge, do what scares you, sacrifice some comfort, and pursue the rugged path it takes to get those goals?

Why does our culture accept 18 year-old high school graduates racking up thousands of dollars of debt to attend college before they even understand what it is they want to do?

Yet as adults, when we KNOW what we want, cultural norm frowns upon incurring debt to chase goals and dreams? 

Almost 4 years ago, we bought an RV to take our family on the pro racing circuit. Our bank account proves we didn’t have the money for it, but we did it anyway…a financially irresponsible use of resources if you look at it from an investment perspective. RV’s are money pits. 

However, it was the best decision of our lives. It afforded us the chance to chase a dream as a family, and we included our friends and supporters on our journey. I’ve written about it many times before, but even today as we live out of this 300 sq foot home on wheels, I never regret it for a second.

I speak this with all the love in my heart: 


Life doesn’t come around twice, guys. We ask children all the time, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” So why do we stop asking that question as adults, as though we are fixed in our ways by the time we are 22 years old? 

What are your adult goals and dreams? What are they worth to you?! Do you believe you can make changes to get them? If we’ll spend thousands of dollars educating our children, why won’t we spend money on continuing our own journey of self-growth as adults?

We have been digging into self-development HARD this past year. A lot of it had to do with my decision to step off the pro circuit in 2018, fumble for months, reassess why I ride my bike, and get back to it again with a renewed vision. It looks like this:


See, I was climbing a mountain. It took talent and some hard work to get there. I thought it would bring me happiness to win a race, to prove I could do it as a mother of twins — I thought the end results would fill a void. But guess what? I crested that mountain only to see there was another mountain in the distance calling my name; it was much higher and much more difficult than the one I’d just topped.

That mountain in the distance is the one I needed to be on!! I’d climbed only to see…

I was clearly on the wrong mountain.

To get to MY mountain, I’d have to descend into a valley full of failures and doubts, unwind my thoughts, and start again at the base of a much more difficult climb. 

And talent alone won’t suffice this time. The mountain calling my name takes courage. It takes facing fears, peeling off layers of myself to understand my mind. It takes self-discipline and the willingness to ask for help. 

Ernie and I are aiming to push our limits to the highest extreme in an effort to understand ourselves, regroup, then share everything we’ve learned to help athletes and individuals of all abilities learn to do the same with their own goals. 

We are expanding Leborne to include life coaching and mentoring, because we’ve come to understand only a small portion of the battle is physical. The larger portion includes mentality, heart, motivation, desire, belief and perseverance. 

I promise you: the tallest, hardest mountain is the one worth climbing. When you choose that mountain, you will view yourself and others through liberated eyes. You won’t be defined by whether or not you were “successful”. You’ll be defined by your beautiful journey and how you shared it. But it’s fucking hard, guys. “The struggle is guaranteed. Success is not.” - Tom Bilyeu

The Silk Road Mountain Race is our biggest push yet to equip ourselves with the mentality it takes to raise those limits. 

Mountains have been on my heart and in my visual imagery bank for a long time now. Our logo…our t-shirts…they mean something deep to me. I’ve always loved to climb on my bike, but my love was blinded by fear after I felt self-defeated on climbs in several key races. I even had the yellow jersey in one of them — and for a long time I became scared of climbing.

I’ve realized this past year mountains are a spiritual symbol for me…not because of the opportunity to win anything. Because I love what they teach me about the journey, how they’ve broken me then inspired me with their monumental size. The bigger the boulder, the larger the obstacle, the more I come to understand who I am and what I’m about. And what it means to keep my eyes set upward. 

Ernie and I are climbing a mountain right now, and our hearts and minds are telling us it’s the right one. 

We need your help. We’re asking for donations to help offset our expenses to train, invest in the correct equipment, and travel to Kyrgyzstan in August. We have an amazing opportunity to do intensive one-on-one training in July with the winner from last year’s edition. We are throwing ourselves, our energy, our connections and our resources at this goal. Because what else is there in life at the end of the day…really?! 

Ask yourself. 

We’ve known all along this would be an expensive trip, but without a doubt we’re willing to incur the debt if need be to get there…we are committed to making it happen, and we’re willing to work hard to pay it off. We HATE asking for money, but we’ve realized not asking doesn’t inspire anyone, anyway. Keeping to ourselves and not sharing the honest process doesn’t feel right, either. 

So we’re asking for help, whatever you’re inspired to give. A small amount from a lot of people goes a long way. It doesn’t have to be much. There’s a button below you can click to make a contribution.

In return for your help, we would love the opportunity to continue sharing our journey with you and hear about yours, as well. Can Ernie and I be a part of helping you get those goals and dreams as we strive to reach our own? Can we build a community that supports each other on the highest level when it comes to reaching for new limits? Let’s grow with each other’s adventures. 

Choose Mountains. 

Scotti LechugaComment