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Endurance Training (AM)

Join Coach Ernie Lechuga as he touches on...

  • Body Position: getting out of saddle, taking weight off your hands, not overextending the neck, and keeping good posture on your bike
  • What To Do With Your EYES: learning to scan, where to look, using depth perception and peripheral vision
  • Nutrition Strategies: planning nutrition based on time vs mileage
  • The “trigger mile” when you suddenly don’t feel comfortable anymore
  • Developing Fitness: “base training” principles, developing an aerobic base
  • Performance/Gearing - techniques to recover and get out of a hole when you are staying with a group, when to push and not push
  • Drafting - get comfortable using the speed of others to increase your own speed

Meeting Place: The METEOR CAFE 7:00AM for coffee; Ride rolls at 7:30AM

$25/person (limited to 12 participants) 

Clinic Options
Later Event: August 31
Pacelines (AM)