FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Testing

Standard (you and the trainer): $20

Virtual (course simulator on tv screen with real time data): $50

VO2 Testing

AeT / AT / VO2 + Power

  • Price- $160

RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) Testing ($75) 

  • Daily Calorie Requirements
  • Calorie Guidelines for your Lifestyle and Level of Activity
  • Effective Weight Management Information

Spin Scan Pedal Analysis ($75)

  • find out your pedaling efficiency and "dead" spots to increase power
  • get the most out of your pedal stroke
  • incorporate different muscle groups to reduce fatigue

Hourly Private Lessons ($60)

Custom instruction based on your specific needs as an individual rider. 

Group Lessons ($75/hr) - price shared by up to 5 participants

Custom instruction based on your small group needs

Running Form Analysis ($60/hour) - coach instructed at track

Scotti can spot inefficiencies and help correct any superfluous movement that takes away from forward momentum.  Lots of stride analysis and form drills to help leg turnover. 

Rolling Bike Fit and Stationary Traditional Bike Fits

"Rolling" Bike fits are conducted by Coach Ernie Lechuga, (the fit guru!). Stationary fits definitely have a place and purpose, but there are so many feelings you will experience on your bike when you actually get ON THE ROAD. Ernie specializes in making riders more comfortable, efficient, and fast by starting with a good foundation: how you feel when you ride your bike.  Ernie rides with you on the road as you give feedback about how your fit feels, and makes adjustments right there on site.  Both fitting services are priced equally.

  • Price - $100 for first 90 min; $60/hr for additional time