custom coaching programs

for the athlete with specific goals

we have several different coaching programs available depending on your athletic goals. pricing based on your desired level of coaching interaction and sport discipline. Pricing starts at $199 for basic custom, single-discipline programs. $299 for premium programs and multi-sport. $499 for platinum program that includes everything AND the kitchen sink. call us for a consultation and to decide which works best for your goals



hourly private lessons

to focus on a specific skillset

leborne offers private lessons to address specific needs of individual athletes. it could be cornering, climbing, descending, or a running form analysis.



vo2 max and metabolic testing

to know thyself

there's no better way to find out what "kind" of athlete you are and what capacity you're performing at than a VO2 max test. this test will analyze what energy system you're using during exercise (carbs/fats), will reveal your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, and identify your body's efficiency at  processing oxygen (a key ingredient to endurance sport performance). RMR (resting metabolic testing) measures your daily caloric expenditure...many know it as basal metabolism.

VO2 test: $160    RMR: $75


bike fitting 

to get dialed

our goal is for you to ride your bike comfortably for long durations of times. will your butt hurt after 5 hours on a bike? yep! there's no way to avoid that...we get sore butts when we sit in a car for 5 hours, too!  but there are ways to avoid numb hands and feet, excessive saddle sores, and sore backs. fitting is the process that gets you into your best position and posture for hours of enjoyed time on the bike. 




group (Club) lessons

work together, stay together

have a goal as a club? want to keep your group of varied ability riders engaged and challenged instead of  waiting for riders at the top of every hill? we're here to help. we analyze your group dynamics and help your group be efficient as a whole unit. everyone stays happy and everyone gets something out of the ride. plus everyone gets to split the cost and it ends up being a nominal fee per participant.

$100/hr for groups under 15 people; $200/hr for 15+



virtual ftp testing

to push your limits

let's face it: testing hurts. but with our virtual course testing, we keep you fully locked in with real time data and real road simulation. 20 minutes is a long time when you're suffering...but this is the best way to make it go by fast.