staying in one place makes you stale, so we move and explore, our time in the saddle a guide to understanding other areas in our lives.


we aim to see the best version of ourselves — to reach new levels, to attain faster speeds, to collaborate with like-minded people, and attempt the biggest goals.


we explore and challenge, then translate those experiences into stories that inspire others to think outside the box and dream bigger dreams.


we watch the growth take place together. we learn. we always seek progress and process over performance.


finding your road in

Endurance Sports

We are honored when athletes from various disciplines choose Leborne. we coach a full spectrum of endurance sports, from criterium racers to marathon runners; cyclocross to Ironman triathlon. Below are highlighted athletes we've coached, and a few reviews of their experience.  


danielle dingman, pro triathlete

“After working with Scotti and Ernie for several years, I’ve realized one overarching theme: they care. They care enough to create balance with life and sport, to push you to find your limits in training, to allow rest when needed, and to help you find your personal motivation and confidence to keep going. Scotti and Ernie keep the big picture because they care about your long-term success.”



“I’ve always loved having the structure and goals throughout the off-seasons while also being able to really tune the engine before big races. Scotti and Ernie have been a big help with race tactic advice to keep me motivated and pushing myself when everything is working against me.” We’re excited to see this one rock this year!


brent findlay, cyclocross/gravel racer

"Personalized, structured training schedules and constant feedback on the quality of the effort, has taken my cycling to a level that I previously thought was unattainable.  Leborne's holistic approach to training has given me the fitness to achieve my goals, and with that, a higher level of success."


caro laviguour, all discipline cylist

“Without Leborne’s help, I don’t think I would have been able to achieve my goals. Before coaching with Leborne I was never quite able to “hold on” as a cat 2 in the P 1/2 field. However, this year has been a breakthrough year for me. I now race for a domestic elite team and not only do I have the strength, but I now have the strength and skills to contribute to the races.”